nurturing babies and empowering parents 


Bringing home a new baby comes with a whirlwind of emotion: excitement, overwhelm, and worry.  Parents often find themselves filled with questions:

    • How do we establish a good routine?
    • How much should newborns be eating with each feed? 
    • What can we do when our baby is fussy and we've tried everything already? 

    Lavender baby nurses are here to help. There is no substitute to having a trained professional in your home advising you on your baby’s growth and development.  And we can care for baby at night, allowing you to get a good night's sleep!    

    We are Registered Nurses who share a commitment to ensuring the well-being of new parents and babies

    We offer traditional newborn care services in the form of:

    Our approach is unique, based on evidence based practice as well as cutting edge research in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology.

    Lavender nurses focus on care of your newborn, as well as education and support for families.  We cover everything from breastfeeding to tummytime exercises to the science behind bonding with your newborn.  Lavender baby nurses work closely WITH you to help give your infant the very best start in life. You and your baby will benefit greatly from their knowledge, advice, gentle guidance, and nurturing. 


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