Grandmother Love

A special post from our guest blogger, Nonny


Nonny has had the privilege of nurturing 4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters, ages 2 through 14. They all love her fun and silly nature, and going to Nonny's house comes with the added joy of getting to play with yellow lab Hunter.  We recently asked Nonny to share her thoughts on meeting a new grandchild for the first time.  Aww, pure love.

Here's what she wrote:

The most special role of all....NONNY    


What does it mean to become a grandmother of a newborn? With each precious addition to my growing family, I become more and more awed at the miracle of life and the honor that my children bestow upon me when they hand me my new grandchild to look at and cuddle for the first time. 

Tears well up in me as I look into that sweet little face and see reflected back in their eyes the same love and sense of trust that I felt from their mothers when they were born.

I feel joy to know that my grown daughters and their husbands have become such competent parents who will nurture and cherish their new bundles of joy with passion, even if like me, they will not do it perfectly. 

What a lucky Nonny am I...times six.