Roll with the waves

The first few months of your baby’s life will bring waves of emotion, many of which will be brand new.  You’ll experience waves of love (bigger than you’ve ever known before), waves of overwhelm, waves of fatigue, waves of protectiveness, and waves of frustration.  Each day will be different, and you will often feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster.  This is all normal.  Totally and completely.  There will be days that you feel blissed out as a new mom, and others where all you want to do is cry.  Just remember that there is no right to feel on any given day, and whatever wave of emotion you’re feeling is authentic, real, and your experience.  This is part of the beauty of your postpartum journey.  It will be colorful and unique.  Yours will look different from your best friend’s or even your partner’s journey.  Couples experience new parenthood differently, and each have their own story. 

As baby nurses, part of our job is to support you in your emotional experience as you wade through those first weeks at home.  Know that we know what you are going through, that even if we haven’t had children ourselves, we’ve been by the sides of many moms who are experiencing exactly what you are.  Let us help you on your journey by being transparent with your emotions and letting us know what you need.  If it’s just a good night’s sleep, then let us take care of some of the night feedings.  If you’ve pumped enough milk, we’ll be good to go and you can focus on getting the rest you need.  Sleep is one of the most elements of recovery, from either a vaginal or C-section birth.  Allow yourself to get as many zzzzs as you can!  

If it’s reassurance you need, tell us what you’re feeling anxious about.  It might be that you’re worried the baby isn’t gaining enough weight, or that you won’t know what to do if he’s sick.  As nurses, we are there to assess your baby’s growth and well-being, and we will teach you everything you need to know.  We get it that all of the stuff you learned in prenatal class flew out the window!  Pregnancy brain isn’t expected to hold onto it, and it’s a different ballgame after you have the baby anyway. 

Most importantly, let us help you learn to roll with the waves as they come.  For they will all pass, every one of them in time.  You might feel like the sleepless nights will never end, or that your breasts will always be sore.  Everything changes.  Your baby will grow so fast, and before you know it, 3 am feedings will only be a hazy, distant memory.  Talk to your nurse, let her know how you’re feeling….she will reassure you that “this too shall pass”.   And while you’re riding that wave, remember that you have a great resource right there in your home to help make things easier.  Our nurses are very knowledgeable, about everything from breastfeeding to healthy routines to how to assemble the new swing.  We are there for you and understand how overwhelming those first weeks can be.  Remember to have fun with it all though, because your baby will only be this little once.  Enjoy the newborn phase….it will go by quickly!