A gentle, nurturing approach

As a new parent, you want everything around your baby to be soft, gentle, and calming….at Lavender, this is what we are all about!  Nurturing and comforting are our specialties, and we do our best to make sure you and your baby are feeling zen during your time with us.  Our nurses are proactive teachers and confident in their expertise, yet gentle and patient in their approach with new parents.  We understand the emotional roller coaster that you may find yourself on during the postpartum period, and are here to honor your experience and help guide you through it.   

Empowering Families

We believe in empowering parents and families from day one, whether this is your first baby or your fourth.  Our goal is to help you become confident, knowledgable parents with the ability to nurture your infant while at the same time caring for yourselves and your relationship.  Having a baby nurse will also provide you the opportunity to spend quality time with your other children and make sure their emotional needs are met.  As we believe in empowering the family as a whole, our nurses make an effort to include siblings in the baby’s care when possible.  Being able to participate in bathing, reading, playtime can be incredibly rewarding for an older child.


Early Bonding

 We believe in the importance of nurturing the parent-baby bond from day one. Many of Lavender’s practices are based on research coming out of the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology, which for years has illuminated the importance of early bonding and healthy attachment.  Our nurses are highly sensitive to the unique needs and circumstances of each family, including those adopting or welcoming babies through surrogacy. We work unobtrusively to help you and your new little one get to know each other and bond during those first few weeks of nesting.   



Natural Care

We are committed to using natural, non-toxic baby products as much as possible.  All of our massage oils and bath soap are hypoallergenic and gentle to the skin, and we incorporate these into your baby’s care from day one.  The bottles we use and recommend are all BPA free.  However, we are also practical in our baby care approach, so not everything we recommend will be 100% organic, chlorine, and chemical free.  We are happy to share with you what we find works best for our babies and families, but will always honor your preferences as well.  If you have a favorite brand of diaper rash cream, we’ll be happy to use it!