How the Program Works

Your nurse will provide services for a total of twelve weeks, beginning the first week your little one comes home. 

You’ll be able to choose either:

  • Daytime
  • Overnight
  • Round-the clock coverage 

We will help place you with a nurse whose availability matches your needs. 


Lavender offers a 12 week infant care program  designed to nurture the newborn while empowering and supporting parents in their new journey.  

Our in-home care is provided by trained baby nurses who are sensitive to the needs of both new and experienced parents.  We are a holistic baby nurse company that addresses all aspects of newborn health: physical, emotional, and cognitive.  Our focus on early parent-child bonding is one of the hallmarks of our work, and reflects the vision and passion of the company’s founder. 


Week One

Getting comfortable at home

This week is all about helping you get comfortable at home with your new baby.  You’ve all gone through a big event and are going to be ready for some rest!  Your nurse will be there to care for baby while you sleep, help you with feeding, and guide you through newborn care.   



Weeks Two through Four

Bonding with your baby 

In the first month, we introduce activities and care practices to foster bonding, such as the first bath, kangaroo care, and infant massage.  Your nurse will be providing continuing guidance with baby care, breastfeeding, and emotional support as you adjust to having a new little one in the home.  New parents often want to do everything just right, and we’ll be there to show you that there isn’t only one way to do things.  Your baby will just enjoy being with you and soaking up your love, so whether you wash her tummy or her toes first in the bath really doesn’t matter.  

Your nurse will be there to address any concerns you have and be a supportive presence when you just want to talk. 


Weeks Five through Eight

Reading baby's cues

In the second month, you will have settled into more of a routine with your baby and feel increasingly confident in meeting his or her needs.  In these weeks, you will learn more about reading your baby’s cues and the benefits of playing music and singing to baby.  Your baby will be spending more time awake, and this is the perfect time to begin learning floortime exercises to foster his or her development.  We will talk more about milestones in this month, and what you can do to help your baby reach them as she grows.  


Weeks Nine through Twelve

Healthy sleep patterns

In the third month, your baby will likely be sleeping longer stretches at night, which is something that all parents look forward to.  We focus on sleep quite a bit in this month, making sure you are set up with a good nighttime routine to help you and your baby get as much rest as possible.  Babies who are given a consistent nighttime routine in the first three months of life tend to have better sleep patterns throughout infancy and toddlerhood.  We want to make sure you are on the right path; if your baby is still waking up frequently at night, we will work to improve this.  In the third month, we continue to focus on baby’s motor skill development and introduce more playtime activities. 

You’ll be amazed at the things your baby can do by this stage and how much fun you have interacting with him or her.

We will continue to assess how feeding is going and review the timeline for introducing solid foods.  Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you presently need to care for your baby at her current age but also to educate you on what is to come.   You’ll receive plenty of information on ages and stages that you can refer to as a resource throughout your baby’s first year. 



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Three Months and Beyond

At the end of the twelve week program, your nurse will make sure you are connected with community and online resources that may be beneficial to you.  We want to make sure you are feeling confident and prepared to care for your baby on your own.  While you may miss having the support of your nurse at home, we will continue to be available for you as a resource throughout your child’s first year. 


We will pair you with a Parent Liaison at the close of the program, who may be your nurse or another expert nurse within the company.  Her role is to serve as a resource for you if you have questions or need advice beyond the length of the three month program.  We encourage you to reach out to her and keep in touch with your baby nurse as well.  We love to hear from our families and receive photos as your babies grow!