Reading to your Unborn Baby

A lot of parents are surprised to learn that they can read to their babies in utero.  Can my baby hear me? 

Yes, absolutely!  Hearing is well developed by the middle of the second trimester and babies not only hear your voice, but they can remember the words you spoke to them after birth. 

Check out this interesting article:

So you can have heart to hearts with your unborn baby, and although she may not talk back, she’s hearing you and internalizing what you say.  How much of it she understands, well, that remains to be discovered, but she definitely remembers and can show recognition of familiar words and speech patterns after birth. 

Reading to your unborn baby is a great way to let him get to know the sound of your voice and also helps the two of you bond.  More than that, reading helps to establish neural pathways in the brain, and what better time to do this than while your baby’s brain is forming. 

For some great ideas on how to establish a reading routine with your little peanut: 

What books to choose:

You can read anything you like, but if you want to invest in some books that will be great for baby after he’s born, these are some of our favorites:

  That’s not my Monkey by Fiona Watt

This is a brilliant series of little books that encourage baby to touch and feel.  Each page features an animal or thing that isn’t the familiar one….”That’s not my puppy, it’s coat is too hairy”… building anticipation towards the last page, in which baby finds the one that IS theirs.... “THAT’S my puppy!”  Little ones will delight in these books while developing sensory and language skills.

Sesame Beginnings

  1. Bubbles Bubbles
  2. At the Zoo
  3. Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes
  4. Nighty-Night

These books are the perfect length and full of bright colors and pictures that engage baby’s senses.  There is one for every time of the day.  Our baby nurses bring a set of these books to each family for them to keep.  They love them!