The New Parent Blueprint


The weeks after a baby’s birth are a formative time for every family, and a newborn’s earliest experiences imprint on the rest of her life.  Having the support of a nurse during these early days can be incredibly beneficial to the family as a whole.  We evolved in community, and many cultures around the world still embrace community as an essential part of our lives.  “It takes a village” to raise a child still applies….just take a trip to Africa and you’ll see how much communities rely on each other.  This is our natural way as humans….but with the evolution of western society, we have lost much of this.  Of course we still have neighbors, but they live in their box and we live in ours.  It is up to each individual unit to raise their own children; having extended family around to help is a plus, but many couples don’t have family close by.  Also, times have changed, and sometimes older generations aren’t up to date on the latest in newborn care.  Or a well meaning relative comes by with the intention of being helpful….but parents end up feeling more exhausted than they did before the visit. 

A baby nurse is an experienced professional, but more than that, a caring, unrelated, non-judgemental expert whose primary goal is to make herself of service to a new parent and baby.  This is why the support of a healthcare professional at home is so beneficial and helps parents in a unique way.  Her expertise is unparalleled, having worked with countless new mothers before…. having held their hands, made them tea while they nursed, and reassured them that the umbilical cord looks completely normal and they are doing a wonderful job of mothering.  This is the essence of having a baby nurse.  Of course nurses are also there to help take care of the baby and let you sleep, which is such a gift….but their nurturing, competent way and the fact that they understand what you are going through during your transition into motherhood is even more profound.  We know how important it is to feel nurtured, supported, and reassured during those early months.  And that is why we do what we do.

Yes, we provide expert care for your baby and will teach you all about how to take care of your little one.  But we are also present for you.  And this is remembered by mothers long after their nurse has graduated to the next family, long after the sleepless nights are over.  It becomes part of her mommy blueprint that began forming the day she found out she was pregnant.  The way she was cared for, and the way her baby was loved and nurtured from the beginning by someone she may never have met if this little person hadn’t come into the world.  We have had many mothers cry on the day their nurse leaves, and thankfully many who remain in touch so that we can continue our relationship. 

Let us not forget fathers!  New dads often need just as much support, if not more, during those early weeks.  A sensitive baby nurse who teaches dad how to position the bottle just right, one how recognizes a bonding moment in action and brings a book for him to read to baby, or a nurse who helps adjust those straps on the Bjorn as dad and baby head out for a walk is one who is enhancing the new daddy blueprint.

We know that our work has a lasting imprint on the lives of our littlest clients.   Because we have loved and nurtured them, yes.  But also because we have cared for and empowered their parents.  The family is energetically connected, and supporting each part strengthens the whole.